It’s your Med School too — what are your hopes?

This is a special day.  And a happy one. Less than 18 months ago, Travis County voters passed Proposition 1. We voted to invest in and partner with — in a meaningful, personal way — a medical school that promised … Continued

Texans want balance in healthcare rules

State Senator Kirk Watson issued the following statement Monday regarding the Texas Department of Insurance’s hearing on proposed rules for healthcare navigators:   Texans have made themselves heard, and it’s clear what they want: fair rules that truly protect consumers without making … Continued

What should we be talking about?

If you were us, what would you be talking about? Every other year, in the interim between the last legislative session and the next one, both chambers of the legislature continue to work. A lot of what we work on … Continued

Great Show, Good Guy, and Better Care

I said last week that there’s still time. And there is. But it’s running out.My big party at Zilker Park is just nine days away.It’s that party where we take over the park … The party where the music’s always outstanding … Continued

Cut to the Chase

Want to guess what this week’s Watson Wire is about? Here’s a hint: it’s not me on my motorcycle at the Hogeye Festival in Elgin this past weekend (though that was a lot of fun). No, this week’s Watson Wire … Continued

Vote Early This Weekend

People across Travis County are casting their ballots in support of Proposition 1. Have you voted yet? This is the only weekend you can vote early, so skip the lines, grab a coffee and cast your vote on your way … Continued

Game Time

Right now, all across this great city, people are VOTING. They’ll be voting early for another 11 days. After that, two weeks from today, is November 6: Election Day. Makes you forget all about football season, doesn’t it? No? What if … Continued

We’ve got to pass this, starting today.

Dear friend, I’m writing to ask you to vote FOR Proposition 1, the healthcare initiative that’s now on the ballot. I’m also asking you to urge your friends, family, social media contacts, and everyone else to vote for it too. … Continued

Central Health Tax Ratification: YES

By the Austin Chronicle While this five-cent hike (to 12.9 cents per $100 valuation) is hefty on a percentage basis, it would put Central Health on a more sufficient financial footing and represents Austin and Travis County’s best current chance … Continued