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The Watson Wire is one of the more unique political newsletters in Texas. Stay tuned for a different perspective about Texas politics, news from the Capitol, and the best stories I can come up with every week (believe me, I try).

Senator Watson -- already with his successful "Watson Wire" -- has pushed the envelope throughout the campaign season ..." Burnt Orange Report

Worried about your water? Remember your history.

I’ve been thinking a lot about water lately. A brutal drought will do that, I guess.  The economic and environmental devastation are bad enough. But the fights and fears over Austin’s water supply are making it worse.   So this … Continued

We Have a Winner

I wrapped up my first ever meme contest last week. I had a great time sponsoring it. The entries were terrific, and the audience participation was impressive. Way to go, everybody. First thing’s first: The winner of the #GetCovered Meme Contest is … Continued

Go, Like, Vote

If you’re just back from Spring Break, welcome back. If you were working the whole time, well, let’s be grumpy together. One way or another, I’ve got one more item for your to-do list today: The finalists in the #GetCovered Meme … Continued

You’ve Got Memes

Happy Spring Break, everybody. Whether you’re having a blast on South Padre Island, rocking out at South by Southwest, watching Disney Channel marathons with your out-of-school kids, or, y’know, working, I hope it’s a good one. I don’t mean to … Continued

Go Vote. Then Go Make a Meme.

So today’s Election Day. All of you who have been ignoring my pleas to go vote early, well, you’re just about out of time. Most places, the polls will be open tonight until 7. But in Travis County, due to … Continued

Go Vote

  Did you know there’s an election coming? Well, you’re half-right. The fact is that the election’s already here: early voting is underway for the March 4 primary election — it runs through this Friday. So whether you’re a Democrat … Continued

I’ll Take a Book over Flowers or Chocolates Any Day

  On Valentine’s Day, I declared my love for reading. Specifically, on my Facebook page, I declared my love for programs that help people read (more on those in a minute). I also asked folks what books they loved reading when … Continued

What makes Austin’s days great

If you’ve heard me speak, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard me happily ask, “Isn’t it a great day to be in Austin, Texas?” I feel like, most days, the answer is yes, it IS a great day here … Continued

I was young once …

As a kid growing up, I worked a number of jobs. Some of them might fall in the category of, well, odd. The first I recall was in about the third grade. On Saturdays, I’d buy several dozen donuts and … Continued