Earth day

Friend –

Happy Earth Day! Today is an annual celebration of our environment and a very important reminder to continue fighting for greater protections to combat climate change. Even before Effie and Birdie (my grandbabies) arrived, I worked to reduce harmful air emissions and encourage more protections for clean water and native habitats like Barton Springs.

Governor Ann Richards appointed me Chair of the Texas Air Control Board (a predecessor to today’s Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) where I worked to assure healthy air quality. My work was positively recognized by environmental organizations.

I served as Texas Board Chair for the Environmental Defense Fund. And I was one of the founders of the Clean Air Force of Central Texas, which was created to help this region better address air quality.

As Austin Mayor, among other initiatives, I led a bond election to preserve thousands of acres of Hill Country land to protect water quality and, through the preservation of trees, maintain the area’s natural beauty and more healthy air quality in the region.

Texas is one of the nation’s leading producers of green house gas emissions in the world. That’s why in the Texas Senate, I led the fight to reduce emissions to directly address climate change in Texas. I passed legislation geared towards reducing emissions and launching the only significant effort to date in Texas attempting to engage agency stakeholders in an effort to identify strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our state has incredible potential to utilize different forms of energy, especially solar. I worked to expand Texas’ renewable portfolio standard to affirmatively include solar energy production. I also passed legislation that established a uniform tax appraisal system for solar energy facilities in order to enhance solar investment and production in Texas.

These are just some of the things I’ve been able to accomplish in my years of service. I have an environmental record of getting things done. Earth Day provides the opportunity to recommit to the future.
Addressing climate change remains the biggest issue affecting our world today. And I have the proven track record to ensure our city brings together stakeholders to do our part to combat climate change. But I can’t continue this work without you. Please consider chipping in to our campaign today.

I appreciate all of your support over the years, and hope I can count on your support in November.


PS – We’ll be hosting our campaign kick off on Tuesday, May 3rd at the Historic Scoot Inn. Be sure to RSVP or purchase your ticket today!

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